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Responsibilities of Board of Directors - All directors work to provide educational, outreach and information to the members of the Perishable Food Industry, through seminars, internships, scholarships and the magazine. Our events provide social opportunities to meet with others in the industry as well as outings for the whole family.

Director - The Board of Directors shall consist of ten (13) members elected by the general membership and serving a minimum (3) three-year term with an option to continue with the approval of the board. There will be a formal review and silent vote by the full board for members who wish to continue after their initial term. This review will be in line with the responsibilities of a board member, which are:

  • Attend 2/3 of the yearly meetings Actively participate on at least one committee.
  • Strongly urged to attend functions.
  • Required to attend installation of officers event.

Associate Director - Members of the Perishable Food Council, previous board members may be elected to serve as an Associate Director. Associate Directors have no voting privileges and serve for a period of 1 year. Previous directors may continue by stating their intentions per Article III, Section 3 and at the discretion of the board.

Associate Retail Director - Retailers at the end of their term as regular board members may elect to become an Associate Retail Director. Associate Retail Directors serve for 1 year with no voting privileges, however, they may continue by stating their intentions per Article III, Section 3 and the discretion of the board. In addition, the Board may extend a position to any retailer to become a member of the board without previously serving a term.

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